Xi'an City Wall upgraded for National Games

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A magnificent aerial view of the Xi'an City Wall Scenic Area. [Photo/Xi'an news network]

In order to improve the urban style and ensure the smooth progress of preparations for China's upcoming 14th National Games, the Xi'an City Wall Scenic Area has made efforts to optimize and upgrade the surrounding area to make it more visually appealing.

The Yongning Gate of the Xi'an City Wall is the starting point for the marathon event of the Games.

To carry out greening and beautification work, the scenic area has strengthened the maintenance of landscaping along Huancheng Road, in accordance with standardized management requirements.

The scenic area has pruned 98,000 square meters of hedgerows and lawns and 3,500 trees and shrubs, and has watered and dusted grass and flowers.


The Xi'an City Wall Scenic Area is ready to welcome China's upcoming 14th National Games. [Photo/Xi'an news network]

Special personnel have been assigned to investigate flower boxes, grass flowers, and hedgerows along Huancheng Road, and regular maintenance work such as dry cleaning, soil loosening, and impurity removal has been carried out regularly.

In addition to adding flowers and greenery, the Xi'an City Wall Scenic Area has also innovated and refined its maintenance. For the first time, drones have been used to efficiently carry out the vegetation protection and management of 246,000 sq m of green space in the scenic area, with a pest control rate of 98 percent.

A large number of flower boxes have been placed on the gates and bridges of the city wall, creating a warm atmosphere for the upcoming Games.