Xi'an airport boosts epidemic prevention, control measures

发布时间:2021-08-10 09:03:46 | 来源:en.xa.gov.cn | 作者: | 责任编辑:闫景臻


Passengers wearing masks handle check-in procedures at the Xi'an Xianyang International Airport. [Photo/Xi'an news network]

During the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Xi'an Xianyang International Airport – located in Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province – has continuously strengthened and upgraded its epidemic control and protection measures.

Staff members on the airport's international flight support team who may come into contact with international passengers and cargo are included in a closed-loop management system. They are separated from those who support domestic flights.

All of them have been vaccinated, and nucleic acid testing is performed every two days.

For international flight crews, epidemiological investigation and nucleic acid sampling will be carried out immediately after disembarking. Persons with fever or other symptoms will be sent to the Xi'an Public Health Center, while other persons will be transported to designated hotels for centralized isolation for 14 days after customs clearance.


The Xi'an Xianyang International Airport strengthens epidemic control and protection measures. [Photo/Xi'an news network]

On this basis, separation measures have been implemented for personnel passages, ferry vehicles, diversion vehicles, freight vehicles, passenger buses, and flight seats for international and domestic flights.

The public areas of the T2 and T3 terminal buildings are disinfected two to three times a day, with the floor of the security inspection channel disinfected once and check-in counters disinfected twice a day.

More than 80 cameras have been installed in the eight isolation hotels, as well as video surveillance and face recognition equipment, to ensure that quarantined persons on duty do not move into the room or leave their posts.

For airport cleaning staff, those working in first-line international flight security areas are included in the control of the quarantine hotel. Family members of the remaining second-line cleaning staff members living in Xixian New area have undergone nucleic acid tests, and the results have all been negative.