National Games to sell tickets soon

发布时间:2021-08-09 19:00:00 | 来源 | 作者: | 责任编辑:闫景臻

The official ticketing website and WeChat applet for China's 14th National Games were launched on Aug 8 and opened registration channels to the public.

China's 14th National Games are scheduled to be held on Sept 15-27 in Northwest China's Shaanxi province, with the provincial capital of Xi'an serving as the main host city.

According to the ticketing work plan for China's 14th National Games, in mid-August the official ticketing website and official WeChat applet will begin selling sports tickets to the public.

A total of 100 ticket sales outlets have been set up across the country, and the public can purchase tickets for the event at ticket sales outlets with valid ID documents.

In addition, the event's organizing committee will also set up an on-site ticket booth near the competition venue, which will open the day before the games, and the public can directly purchase tickets at the competition venue in real time.

To enhance the public's ticket purchasing experience and shorten the time needed for epidemic prevention and ticket inspections during admission, a real-name ticket purchasing system and real-name admissions system have been employed.

A ticket sample for the event was also released that same day. The design of the ticket combines the theme colors of the event with artistic depictions of athletes. Multiple anti-counterfeiting technologies have been used in the tickets as well.


A sample of a ticket for China's 14th National Games is released on Aug 8. [Photo/Xi'an news network]