Best Local Restaurants in Xi’an to Eat Shaanxi Food

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With the development of local tourism, Shaanxi food gets more and more attention through the world. As an important part of culture, Shaanxi food provides a special way for visitors to learn more about the area. Following are the best local restaurants in Xi’an to eat Shaanxi food.

  1. Xi’an Restaurant


Zi Yang Zheng Pen 

Zi Yang Zheng PenChinese name: 西安饭庄(Xī An Fàn Zhuāng)

Known as ‘Xi’an Fanzhuang’ in Chinese, this time-honored restaurant should be your first choice to enjoy all of the well-known Shaanxi dishes. On the other hand, almost every kind of traditional Xi’an snacks is available here. In order to meet customers' needs, the restaurant has arranged a series of unique snack banquets which contain many noted Shaanxi snacks.

Recommended Dishes: Gourd-Shaped Chicken, Crispy Fried Noodles, Spicy Pig Kidney, Cold Rice Noodle, Fried Dumpling, glutinous rice wine

Average Cost per Person: CNY60 to CNY 110

Zhonglou Branch: No. 110, South St, Beilin District

Fenghaolu Branch: No. 30, East Fenghao Rd., Lianhu District

Lifeng Guangchang Branch: 8F of Lucky King International Shopping Mall, No. 6, South Jinhua Rd., Beilin District

Chang’an Nanlu Branch: No. 375, South Chang’an Rd., Yanta District

Fengcheng Wulu Branch: No. 26, Fengchengwu Rd., Weiyang District

Jinyelu Branch: No. 38, Jinye Rd., Yanta District

2. The Food Gallery of Xi’an


Gourd-Shaped Chicken

Gourd-Shaped ChickenChinese name: 长安大牌档(Cháng An Dà Pái Dàng)

The food gallery is called ‘Chang’an Dapaidang’ in Chinese. It has become a famous local restaurant to taste authentic Shaanxi flavor. Besides all kinds of snacks and dishes, visitors can also enjoy local performances here, such as Qin Opera and Puppet Show.

Recommended Dishes: Roast Jujube Steamed Buns, Gourd-Shaped Chicken, Sugar-coated Figurine

Average Cost per Person: CNY 50

Chaoyang Branch: No. 166, West Changle Rd., Xincheng District

Yinxiangcheng Branch: 4F of In City, No. 33, Weiyang Rd., Weiyang District

SAGA Branch: 6F of Saga International Shopping Mall, N0. 123, Middle Chang’an Rd., Yanta District

3. Real Love Chinese Restaurant

Chinese name: 真爱中国餐馆(Zhēn ài Zhōng Guó Cān Guǎn)

In addition for its delicious Shaanxi food especially Shanbei cuisine, it is also known for its well-decorated environment. The Real Love Restaurant is a comprehensive entertainment center equipped with KTV, café and tea house.

Recommended Dishes: Pork Spareribs, Sizzling Plate Beef, Shaanxi Pasta, Papaya and Aloe Salad, Roasting Yellow Croaker

Average Cost per Person: CNY70 to CNY 130

Huancheng Xiyuan Branch: inside Huancheng Xiyuan Park, West Huancheng Rd., Lianhu District

Shidai Guangchang Branch: 4F of Century Ginwa, No. 335, South Huancheng Rd., Beilin District

Zhuque Dajie Branch: No. 38, Zhuque Street, Beilin District

Jiaoda Branch: No. 159, South Xingqing Rd., Beilin District

4. Lao Wan

Chinese name: 老碗(Lǎo Wǎn)

As one of the best local restaurants in Xi’an to eat Shaanxi food, Lao Wan is quite popular among local people and tourists. There are always many people having dinner there, and you’d better go there earlier.

Recommended Dishes: Fried Rice Cake with Yellow Croaker, Gourd-shaped Chicken, Steamed Pork with Rice Flour, Hollowware Vegetables Shaanxi Braised Carp

Average Cost per Person: CNY 50

Xiangzimiao Branch: No. 55, Xiangzimiao Street, Beilin District

Taibai Branch: 1F, Joy Sunshine Hotel, No. 338, Jixiang Rd., Yanta Disrict

Qujiang Branch: No. 40, Yanta Wu Rd., Yanta District

5. Zhai Xiangzi Shaanxi Food


Chinese name: 窄巷子陕菜(Zhǎi Xiàng Zi Shǎn Cài)

Zhai Xiangzi Restaurant, being one of the best local restaurants in Xi’an to east Shaanxi food, is a must experience for visitors. Here you can enjoy not only the authentic local flavor of Shannan cuisine, Shanbei cuisine, and Guanzhong cuisine, both also the local wine.

Recommended Dishes: Red Jujube Stewed with Rice, Sticky Corn-flour Jelly, Shaanxi Fried Pork, Fried Sheep Blood with Garlic

Average Cost per Person: CNY 50 to CNY 60

General Branch: No. 20, Fenxiang Lane, Beilin District

Qinpai Branch: 1F of Xiwang Building, No. 284, Zhuque Street, Yanta District

Qujiang Branch: No. 858, Miaopotou Rd., Changyanbao Street, Yanta District

6. Chef & Cookshop

Chinese name: 大厨小馆(Dà Chú Xiǎo Guǎn)

The Chef & Cookshop is a local restaurant providing Guanzhong cuisine. All dishes provided here are daily cuisines. The steamed buns, drinks are all made by themselves.

Recommended Dishes: Guanzhong Nine Dishes, Braised Pork Balls in Gravy, Steamed Hairtail

Average Cost per Person: CNY 50

Dongyilu Branch: in the southwest corner of junction of Dongyi Rd. and West Chang’an Rd., Yanta District

Yangyang Guoji Branch: 2F of B Building in Sunshine Square, No. 132, Zhuque Street, Yanta District

Wangting Branch: 1F of Wangting Building, No. 80, Gaoxin Rd., Yanta District

Yanta Branch: West Houcun Rd., Yanta District

Youyilu Branch: 2F of Changrun Square, No. 236, West Youyi Rd., Beilin District

Wanda Plaza Branch: 3F of Wanda Square, No. 8, Yanta Rd., Beilin District

7. Zui Chang An

Chinese name: 醉长安(ZuìCháng An)

As one of the best local restaurants in Xi’an to eat Shaanxi food, Zui Chang An is famous for its special environment. The restaurant is like an ancient Chinese academy. The most famous dish here is Maobisu, which is made in the shape of writing brush.

Recommended Dishes: Writing Brush-like Pastry, Fried Cold Noodles, Sweet-scented Osmanthus Wine

Average Cost per Person: CNY 70

Shuyuanmen Branch: No. 56, Shuyuanmen, Beilin District

Zhonglou Branch: 1F & 2F of Mehood Lestie Hotel, No. 7, Zhupashi, Beilin District


Writing Brush-like Pastry


Sticky Corn-flour Jelly

8. Cao Yun Ma Tou Shaanxi Food

Chinese name: 漕运码头陕菜(Cáo Yùn Mǎ Tóu Shǎn Cài)

Located in the Hancheng Lake Park, this restaurant, known as one of the best local restaurants in Xi’an to eat Shaanxi food, offers affordable priced food. When enjoying the delicious local food, visitors can also enjoy the wonderful landscape.

Recommended Dishes: Fried Pork Joint, Sticky Corn-flour Jelly, Bubble Oil Cake, Crispy Fried Noodles

Average Cost per Person: CNY 30 to CNY 50

Location: inside Hancheng Lake Park, in the northwest corner of junction of Zhuhong Rd. and North 2nd Ring Rd., Weiyang District

9. Sanyuan Lao Huang Jia

Chinese name: 三原老黄家(Sān Yuán Lǎo Huáng Jiā)

It’s a time-honored Shaanxi restaurant in Sanyuan county, Xianyang city. In the past, people in Xi’an need to go to the county to enjoy the food; luckily, it opens two branches in downtown area now.

Recommended Dishes: Stewed Pig's Trotters, Three Fresh Delicacies in Thick Soup, Crispy Fried Noodles

Average Cost per Person: CNY 60

Yongxingfang Branch: in Yongxingfang Food Area, Xincheng District

Wenyilu Branch: 5F of Tianlun Shengshi Community, No. 81, East Youyi Rd., Beilin District


Stewed Pig's Trotters


Three Fresh Delicacies in Thick Soup

10. Beautiful Life Restaurant

Chinese name: 糊涂记(Hú Tú Jì)

This one of the best local restaurants in Xi’anto east Shaanxi food is decorated with many native things like the old spinning wheel, birdcage, and a wall of old photos. To have a dinner here, visitors can experience the old city life of Shaanxi people.

Recommended Dishes: Hutu Noodles, Crumbled Flatbread in Carp Soup, Red Beans and Rice

Average Cost per Person: CNY 40

Xincheng Guangchang Branch: No. 1, West Huangcheng Rd., Xincheng District

Bajialu Branch: 13F of Dongguang Building, No. 78, West Huancheng Rd., Lianhu District