Theater festival for children kicks off in Xi'an

发布时间:2021-05-10 05:25:00 | 来源 | 作者: | 责任编辑:闫景臻

The Xi'an International Theater Festival for Children kicked off on May 8 in Xi'an -- capital city of Northwest China's Shaanxi province -- bringing together great theater works of art for young people.

Organized by Xi'an Children's Art Theater, the ongoing event features seven segments, including online and offline theater productions, a theater summit forum, as well as children's theater teacher training sessions.


A scene from one of the children's theater productions is staged at the opening ceremony of Xi'an International Theater Festival for Children on May 8. [Photo/]

During the event, 14 children's theater works will be staged at various theaters in Xi'an.

An online theater play will be take place, catering for online audiences. Through multiple platforms, children's theaters with the theme of red culture will be staged.

On May 15, an outdoor production will also be held at Tang Paradise, with sports programs by the city's primary and middle schools welcoming China's 14th National Games.

In addition, the theater summit forum will invite well-known children's theater practitioners and enthusiasts to discuss the future development of children's theaters in the post novel coronavirus era.

Since its inception, Xi'an International Theater Festival for Children has staged 81 plays from 20 countries and regions around the world, playing to a combined audience of some 1.63 million people.